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Together against water scarcity

Water saving offer for communities

Especially after this summer, which was characterized by drought and increasing water scarcity, innovative and simple solutions around the topic of saving water are very important. Since water resources have become scarce in many communities this year, we would like to present a solution with which the communities, in cooperation with the citizens, can quite simply contribute to active water saving.

With ECOTURBINO, a unique water-saving solution for the shower, which can easily be screwed into the faucet by anyone and which saves up to 36% of water in every shower without any loss of comfort. The patented ECOTURBINO solution mixes air with water so that the shower jet remains as strong as before. So everyone can easily contribute to a sustainable use of the valuable resource water and save a third of water and energy at the same time.

In cooperation with the municipalities, we would like to offer the population a discount on the product in order to make it easier for the inhabitants to start saving water successfully. We as Rabmer company would grant 10% discount. It would be ideal, of course, if the respective municipality would also take over 10%.

With the ECOTURBINO enormous quantities of water can be saved per household. With our TÜV tested savings calculator (https://www.ecoturbino.com/en/saving-calculator/) everyone can easily calculate his personal savings.

We would be very happy to support the Austrian communities in successfully saving water and are looking forward to a cooperation.

If you are interested, please contact us at greentech@rabmer.at

More about the ECOTURBINO water saving solution can be found under: https://www.ecoturbino.com/en/