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Household tip: save water in a few steps

Where do you see the biggest energy traps in the household?

Pichler: Of course that is the power consumption, which is constantly increasing due to a growing number of electrical appliances. Much heating energy from electricity, oil or gas is lost, for example, by insufficiently insulated walls and poorly insulated windows. Connected to this is also the hot water treatment, but also the water consumption in general. We are gradually learning that water is a valuable resource that we should use responsibly.

What can we do immediately?

Pichler: Clearly reduce the power consumption, for example by using energy-saving lamps, ideally combined with motion detectors that activate the light only when we need it. We have to insulate the walls efficiently and – most importantly – reduce water consumption.

Is water conservation only a good thing or is it really a problem in Austria?

Pichler: It’s a simple calculation: more and more people are living on this planet and need more and more drinking water. In Austria, we may not be affected by the spread of the deserts, but we consume more and more water through our consumption. For example, to produce a cup of coffee from planting to sale in the supermarket, you need 140 liters of water. This roughly corresponds to the amount each Austrian consumes per day of drinking water. 80 liters of it are needed for showering alone. That’s where we start with our innovations.

What concrete tools does Rabmer Green Tech use to help consumers?

Pichler: First of all, we offer a limescale and corrosion protection for the water pipes. And without chemistry. The Aquabion is a device that is installed in a detached house in the central cold water pipe in the basement – directly after the water meter. The mechanism is based on the proven in many applications galvanic action principle. By using a Zinkopferanode the lime is neutralized in the water and causes a change in the lime-crystal structure, which means that this can no longer invest in the pipe wall, fittings or household appliances. Furthermore, existing calcium deposits in the pipelines are actively mined thereby. Very important is: I do not change the water quality. Calcium, magnesium – the important minerals that the body needs – are preserved in the water.

Let’s go back to saving water. Are there any practicable possibilities?

Pichler: Yes, that’s why we have a very simple invention from Austria: the Ecoturbino. You can mount it to your shower fitting without tools and drastically reduce water consumption without sacrificing comfort.

How does that work?

Pichler: The reduction of water creates a negative pressure, which is compensated by air supply. The result is a strongly swirled air-water mixture. This also ensures that the shower hose and the shower head always remain completely clean. It can form no biofilm and no limescale. This is a hygiene benefit and increases the life of the hose and shower head.

Does it sound like less water pressure and less comfort?

Pichler: On the contrary: The air-enriched and strongly turbulent water molecules are larger than normal water droplets. This gives them tremendous power, so you can shower with the same water pressure, even though water and energy consumption is reduced by 36 percent. The water feels softer, which is often subjectively perceived as a comfort gain. And most importantly, you save about 60 euros per person per year.

How much does the Ecoturbino cost?

Pichler: Set with shower hose and shower head 79,90 Euro. These costs pay for themselves with a family of several within a few months.

Thank you for the interesting conversation, Mr. Pichler.

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