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Household tip: Save water with just a few simple steps

Where do you see the biggest energy traps in the home?

Pichler: This is, of course, electricity consumption, which is constantly increasing due to the growing number of electrical appliances. A lot of heating energy from electricity, oil or gas is lost through insufficiently insulated walls and poorly insulated windows, for example. This is also linked to water heating and water consumption in general. We are gradually learning that water is a valuable resource that we should use responsibly.

What can we do immediately?

Pichler: Clearly reducing electricity consumption, for example by using energy-saving light bulbs, ideally combined with motion detectors that only activate the light when we need it. We need to insulate the walls efficiently and - very importantly - reduce water consumption.

Is saving water just good manners or is it really a problem in Austria?

Pichler: It's a simple calculation: more and more people are living on this planet and need more and more drinking water. In Austria, we may not be affected by the spread of deserts, but we are using more and more water through our consumption. For example, it takes 140 liters of water to produce one cup of coffee from planting to sale in the supermarket. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of drinking water used by every Austrian every day. 80 liters of this is needed for showering alone. This is where we come in with our innovations.

What specific tools does Rabmer Green Tech use to support consumers?

Pichler: First of all, we offer limescale and corrosion protection for water pipes. And without chemicals. The Aquabion is a device that is installed in the central cold water pipe in the basement of a detached house - directly after the water meter. The mechanism is based on the galvanic operating principle, which has proven itself in many applications. By using a zinc sacrificial anode, the limescale in the water is neutralized and the limescale crystal structure is changed, preventing it from adhering to the pipe wall, fittings or household appliances. It also actively breaks down existing limescale deposits in the pipes. The important thing is: I do not change the water quality. Calcium and magnesium - the important minerals that the body needs - are retained in the water.

Let's get back to saving water. Are there any practical ways of doing this?

Pichler: Yes, we have a very simple invention from Austria for this: the Ecoturbino. You can fit it to your shower fitting without tools and drastically reduce water consumption without any loss of comfort.

How is that supposed to work?

Pichler: The reduction of water creates a negative pressure, which is equalized by the supply of air. The result is a highly turbulent mixture of air and water. This also ensures that the shower hose and shower head always remain completely clean. No biofilm or limescale deposits can form. This is a hygiene advantage and increases the service life of the hose and shower head.

Sounds like less water pressure and less comfort?

Pichler: On the contrary: the air-enriched and highly swirled water molecules are larger than normal water droplets. This gives them enormous power, allowing you to shower with the same water pressure, although water and energy consumption is reduced by 36 percent. The water feels softer, which is often subjectively perceived as a gain in comfort. And most importantly, you save around 60 euros per person per year.

How much does the Ecoturbino cost?

Pichler: In a set with shower hose and shower head 79.90 euros. These costs will pay for themselves within a few months for a family of several.

Thank you very much for the interesting interview, Mr. Pichler.

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