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Innovation from Austria saves water and energy in Dubai

Dubai (UAE) is a city of superlatives: artificial islands in the shape of palm trees, an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert, the tallest building, the largest shopping mall in the world and now it has also set itself the goal of becoming the city with the smallestCO2 footprint in the world. All of this is anchored in the Clean Energy Strategy 2050 and is highly ambitious in view of the prevailing desert climate and the enormous amount of energy required. One step in this direction is the economical use of shower water in the city's many hotels, because - what many people don't know - the production of hot shower water is enormously energy-intensive. In addition, water is a scarce commodity in a desert city and it is absolutely essential to conserve resources. An innovation from the Austrian Rabmer Group is now set to help save water and energy in Dubai: ECOTURBINO®, a mini-turbine for the shower, saves around 40% while maintaining shower comfort. As part of the Austrian business delegation led by Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck, the sales partnership between the Upper Austrian family business Rabmer and the Dubai-based Danway Group has now been signed in Dubai.

In Austria and Europe, many well-known hotels such as the Falkensteiner Group, Hotel Ambassador in Vienna, the Stangl Wirt in Going, the Naturhotel Forsthofgut, the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach and the Hotel Nixe Palace on Mallorca are already saving water and energy sustainably with ECOTURBINO®, thereby contributing to greater sustainability and climate protection. Thanks to the cooperation between Rabmer and sales partner Danway, the innovative water-saving system made in Austria is now also coming to Dubai, where the contract was signed on Friday in the presence of Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck and WKO Vice President Richard Schenz as well as representatives from the UAE. "There are around 100,000 hotel rooms in Dubai. If we equip just 20% of them with ECOTURBINO®, we can save 430 million liters of water, 17 million kWh of energy and 5,600 tons of CO₂ every year. This would not only be a responsible use of valuable water, but also a significant contribution to climate protection. That's why I'm particularly pleased to start selling the ECOTURBINO® in the United Arab Emirates with our partner Danway and to gradually expand it in the Middle East. Other environmental technologies will follow ...", says Ulrike Rabmer-Koller about the future cooperation.

Maximum shower comfort with lower water consumption
"In most cases, the use of conventional economy shower heads or flow restrictors is not satisfactory for either hoteliers or guests. This is because the reduction in water volume also significantly reduces the shower jet intensity and therefore shower comfort, which is why they are often not used or the shower duration is significantly longer," explains Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.


With ECOTURBINO®, the revolutionary development from Austria, a solution has been found for precisely this problem. The environmental technology specialist Rabmer offers hotels an innovative product to save water, energy andCO2 efficiently and sustainably with minimal effort. The ECOTURBINO® is quick and easy to install in any shower fitting and uses patented technology to generate a highly turbulent mixture of water and air. This saves around 40% water and energy without reducing the intensity of the shower spray. This naturally also results in a reduction in operating costs, i.e. expenditure on water, drainage and energy. "Due to its high efficiency, the ECOTURBINO® has a payback period of just a few months, regardless of whether it is installed in a hotel, household or sports facility, and is therefore also highly economical. A win-win situation for the user and the environment."


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More at: www.ecoturbino.com and www.rabmer.at