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Installer Partner Program for the AQUABION®

As a traditional company, our focus is on top quality and a 100% functional guarantee. For this reason, we are setting up a partner program with our AQUABION® installers to provide our customers with optimum delivery, installation and after-sales service.

Are you a specialist installer and interested in becoming one of our Austria-wide AQUABION® partners?

As a reliable alternative to conventional descaling systems and a solution that is easy to retrofit in the event of renovation, the AQUABION® opens up a new customer segment for you.

The AQUABION® is based on zinc sacrificial anode technology and has been impressing customers at home and abroad for many years:

  • its tried-and-tested function, which Rabmer also guarantees,
  • quick and easy installation by a specialist installer,
  • the elimination of any maintenance costs for 5 years,
  • the cost-effective solution for your customers who
  • want to use an environmentally friendly solution and also
  • want to drink good tasting water from the tap.

We are pleased that more and more installers are successfully using AQUABION® as their preferred solution for renovation work, both for existing limescale and corrosion problems - keyword: galvanized pipes - and are thus gaining new customers.

All this is completely risk-free for our installer partners, because we give our customers a 1-year satisfaction guarantee! In addition, the AQUABION® system has proven itself throughout Europe in more than 200,000 installed applications in industry, hotels, student residences, residential buildings and countless private single-family homes.

You can find more information about AQUABION® at www.aquabion.at.

We are also happy to develop solutions for your customers together with you! Contact us right now - click here for the contact form!

Your AQUABION® Team!