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Internal training and team building 2020

Our employees work for our customers all year round on construction sites and in the office with great enthusiasm and motivation. For this reason, we have sharpened our senses for the new year and organized the big team-building event under the motto "the customer, my client". Half a day filled with instructive information about everyday working life and important discussions about various innovations in the industry was followed by half a day full of action and fun.

After the presentations on the current situation of the company and visions for the future by boss Mag. Rabmer-Koller, as well as on occupational safety by safety officer Koller and the subsequent discussions within the various companies of the Rabmer Group, we had lunch together. Afterwards, we were divided into three groups by the Locomotion team and were allowed to solve various tasks in these teams, which above all required skill, team spirit, responsiveness, helpfulness and loyalty. At the end of the day, the entire Rabmer team completed a joint treasure hunt and enjoyed a relaxed end to the afternoon.

Our employees are now well prepared for 2020 after this training day and are looking forward to mastering all the challenges of the coming year together.

You can find more photos of the event on the Rabmer Facebook, as well as on the Rabmer Instagram profile!