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COVID-19 investment premium

Invest now and secure a premium of up to 14 %! Take advantage of the federal government's investment premiumfor climate protection measures now.

With the Rabmer products listed below, you can achieve up to 14% subsidy.

However, at least a 7% subsidy is possible for new investments! Investments in climate-damaging measures are excluded. 

Important to know - do not miss the deadlines:

Initial measures must be implemented between 01.08.2020 and 28.02.2021.
Investment implementation: Commissioning or payment must be made by 28.02.2022 at the latest. For investments over 20 million euros by 28.02.2024 at the latest

You can find detailed information here.

AQUABION® Limescale and corrosion protection

With the AQUABION® limescale and corrosion protection system, Rabmer offers the solution to limescale deposits and corrosion damage without the use of chemicals, salt or electricity. The tried-and-tested system is installed by a specialist installer, is maintenance-free and maintains the natural drinking water quality. The AQUABION® does not decalcify the water but prevents the limescale from adhering - healthy minerals remain in the water and the water hardness is stabilized in a natural way. Over 200,000 devices installed throughout Europe testify to the quality of the product.

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Energy from wastewater - for heating and cooling buildings

In households, housing estates, hotels, public buildings and businesses, a large amount of warm wastewater is produced every day, which has enormous potential for heat and cold utilization and can be used accordingly. Our modern technologies, based on heat exchangers, mostly combined with heat pumps, make it possible to recover the energy from the wastewater. This energy is used for space heating, water heating and cooling, but also for integration into regional energy supply concepts.

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Energy from exhaust air - for heat & cold recovery

Recovering heat and cold and thus reducing energy costs and protecting the environment - we plan and implement highly efficient new systems, optimize your existing air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as heating and cooling systems and thus reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.

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ECOTURBINO® water and energy saving system

Around a third of the total water consumption in households, hotels and sports facilities is used for showers and personal hygiene alone - a huge amount! This is where saving pays off. However, conventional economy shower heads have one major disadvantage: less water also means less showering comfort. We have the solution with our patented ECOTURBINO technology - a small turbine, which can be installed quickly and easily by anyone, generates a highly turbulent water-air mixture that saves around 40 percent water and energy and therefore also costs - without reducing the intensity of the shower jet.

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RGT odor protection

The RGT odor protection is a patented, mechanical system for sewer manholes and inlets of all kinds. It protects against unpleasant, harmful odors, prevents rodents from escaping and prevents sewage overflow during heavy rainfall events.

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