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Sustainability in the hotel industry - Rabmer is an ÖHV partner

In 2019, the ÖHV - Austrian Hotel Association is focusing on the topic of sustainability. As part of the "Setting an example" initiative, the focus is on topics such as reducing waste, avoiding plastic and using resources such as energy and water efficiently, all without compromising on quality for the guest. We are therefore delighted to support the initiative as a partner with our environmental technology products. We offer innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for saving water, natural limescale protection, as well as heating and cooling buildings with the help of energy recovery from waste water. We offer tailor-made solutions for individual requirements, especially for use in the hotel industry. More information: https://bit.ly/2JuMN0K


ECOTURBINO® - Water-saving system for the shower

With ECOTURBINO®, a unique water-saving system for showers, up to 36% of water can be saved with every shower without any loss of comfort. Renowned hotels such as the 5* Biohotel Stanlglwirt in Going, the Walchhofer Hotel Group in Zauchensee or the Eurotherme Bad Schallerbach are just a few examples where ECOTURBINO® is already in widespread use. Further information at www.ecoturbino.com


AQUABION® - innovative limescale and corrosion protection for natural drinking water

With the AQUABION® limescale and corrosion protection system, Rabmer offers a solution against limescale deposits and corrosion damage without the use of chemicals, salt, electricity or magnets. The system, which has been tried and tested in the industrial, residential and hotel sectors, is also maintenance-free and preserves the natural drinking water quality, thereby maintaining the good taste of the water. Many hotels are already using AQUABION®, such as the K+K Hotel Group or the Bayrische Hof in Wels. Further information at www.aquabion.at


Energy from wastewater for heating and cooling buildings

Wastewater hides a high, but so far barely utilized energy potential. Wastewater heat is an energy source that can be used all year round and is ideal for heating and cooling buildings as well as for preheating fresh water. The use of wastewater energy is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly solution to this problem, ranging from small heat exchangers for showers to large-scale solutions for heating and cooling buildings using heat pump and heat exchanger technology. The ideal solution e.g. for commercial kitchens, laundries or wellness areas. You can find more information here!