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ÖKO Scheck - 80% of the costs for your water & energy saving concept subsidized!

Take advantage of the Austrian federal government's ÖKO check to receive 80% of the total costs for the preparation of potential studies for water and energy efficiency measures in your company. Rabmer will be happy to advise and support you in the implementation of these forward-looking measures.

Now is the ideal time to take a critical look at your hotel's water and energy consumption situation and to plan and initiate optimization measures. With the ÖKO Scheck, the German government provides a funding tool that supports such projects and grants a direct subsidy of up to € 12,000 (80% of the project costs). Both external consultancy services and internal personnel costs are recognized.

We, the company Rabmer GreenTech GmbH, are happy to provide our know-how in the form of external consulting services in order to design the following climate protection measures for you, for example:

  • Reduce water and energy consumption in the hotel by around 20%, e.g. by using appropriate (hot) water reduction systems for showers,
  • Optimization of your ventilation systems with energy saving potentials of up to 80%
  • Utilization of wastewater heat for heating and cooling your business or hot water preheating as an economical or renewable energy source

You can find more information on funding at www.ffg.at/ökoscheck.

Contact us right away - of course without any obligation - at greentech@rabmer.at or call us on 07230 7213 740.