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Austrian Federal Ecolabel for Rabmer GreenTech

Rabmer GreenTech, a subsidiary of the Rabmer Group, recently became one of the latest recipients of the Austrian Ecolabel. This was awarded on the fringes of the Energy Saving Fair by Environment Minister DI. Andrä Rupprechter for the "ECOTURBINO - water saving system for the shower".

The small, easy-to-screw-on attachment contains a mini turbine that mixes air with the flowing water, creating a turbulent mixture of air and water. Due to the pressure-increasing principle, the actual water consumption is reduced by a third, yet the shower volume remains the same. The shower jet has an extraordinarily invigorating effect, ensuring that the user continues to enjoy the full showering pleasure. At the same time, ECOTURBINO® accelerates the water flow. This means that the shower hose is constantly cleaned, which makes a significant contribution to hygiene. Limescale deposits on the shower head are removed by the increased pressure. Both remain ready for use for longer.

ECOTURBINO® is an Austrian patented product that is distributed exclusively by Rabmer GreenTech. ECOTURBINO® has a wide range of applications - it is ideal for private households, but also for hotels, student residences, hospitals, healthcare facilities and sports facilities. In a 3-person household, ECOTURBINO® can save an average of €180 per year, while in a 100-room hotel the annual savings potential is even around €13,000!

The product is certified by TÜV Austria as a suitable energy efficiency measure within the meaning of the Energy Efficiency Act and makes an important contribution to sustainability and environmental protection. After all, the ECOTURBINOs sold by Rabmer in 2016 alone can save around 340 million liters of water, 13.5 million kWh of energy and 4,360 tons of CO2 per year.

For over 25 years, the Austrian Ecolabel has been a reliable guide for environmentally friendly purchasing and a guarantee for environmentally friendly products and services. The guidelines combine high environmental standards with quality and product safety. Products bearing the eco-label must meet a series of environmental criteria and prove their compliance by means of an independent assessment. This means that only those products that are proven to be environmentally friendly and are of high quality and usability are awarded the label.

We are delighted to receive this award, as it shows that our environmentally friendly products and services meet high quality standards and make a significant contribution to protecting our environment.