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Rabmer at the Haus & Bau in Ried i.I.

We look forward to seeing you there!

From November 8-10, the Haus & Bau trade fair will take place at the Ried exhibition center and Rabmer will once again be exhibiting. We will be presenting our environmental technologies there, in particular AQUABION® limescale and corrosion protection, as well as the ECOTURBINO® water-saving system for showers, the Zypho® heat exchanger and our energy from wastewater technologies.

We look forward to seeing you there!

November 8-10, 2019
Trade fair Ried
Hall 12, Stand 12013

Here is an overview of our innovative processes and products that we will be presenting at the trade fair:

AQUABION® Limescale and corrosion protection

Protection of drinking water and cooling water pipes against rust and limescale based on a proven zinc sacrificial anode system, already used in over 100,000 applications throughout Europe ...

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ECOTURBINO® water-saving system for the shower

The ECOTURBINO® water-saving system is a patented Austrian development that reduces water consumption in the shower by 36% by adding air, without any loss of comfort.

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ENERGY from WASTEWATER - technologies for hot water preparation, building heating and cooling

In households, housing estates, hotels, public buildings and businesses, a large amount of hot wastewater is produced every day, which has enormous potential for heat and cold utilization and can be used accordingly. We will show you innovative, partially self-cleaning heat exchanger systems for fresh water preheating and building heating and cooling with payback periods of less than 10 years in some cases ...

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Zypho® heat exchanger

We offer a compact and highly efficient heat exchanger that is installed under the shower tray. It absorbs the heat energy from the drain water and uses it to preheat the cold water, reducing energy consumption by 30%.

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All important and interesting information about Haus & Bau in general can also be found on the trade fair homepage .