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Rabmer Group awarded coveted HERMES Climate Protection Prize

The Upper Austrian construction and environmental technology company Rabmer, based in Altenberg near Linz, was awarded the prestigious HERMES.Klimaschutz.Preis 2021 for its decades of achievements in the field of environmental technology and climate protection at the Hofburg in Vienna on October 21. The jury particularly recognized the innovative solution for generating sustainable and renewable energy from wastewater for heating and cooling buildings.

The coveted prize was accepted by the managing partner of the Rabmer Group, Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, during the ceremony: "I am particularly pleased to receive the HERMES Climate Protection Prize, which I accept on behalf of my entire team. This award once again confirms that we are continuing on our innovative path in the field of environmental technologies.

Pioneer in the field of innovative environmental technologies
The Rabmer Group recognized the potential of environmental technologies over 30 years ago and offers solutions for climate protection with a wide range of innovative technologies. "Sustainability and climate protection are key elements of our company philosophy. With efficient and high-performance environmental technologies, we help national and international customers to implement climate protection measures and show that there is a win-win-win situation between climate protection measures, savings for the user and economic success for the companies at the same time. The variety of products ranges from excavation-free pipe rehabilitation, water and energy efficiency systems to environmentally friendly limescale and corrosion protection as well as technologies for using energy from wastewater to heat and cool buildings," explains Rabmer-Koller.

Renewable energy generation from wastewater has won over
The HERMES.business.award is the annual award for companies that have a lasting impact on Austria's economy. As part of the glittering "Gala of the Austrian Economy", the awards were presented in eight categories plus the Entrepreneur 2021 honorary award - Entrepreneur of the Year - in the Grand Ballroom of the Vienna Hofburg. In addition, this year the achievements for climate protection in the Austrian economy were also evaluated: The jury was impressed by the environmental technology pioneer's many years of climate protection activities as well as its innovative technology for heating and cooling buildings using renewable energy from underground - wastewater. "The much-cited green energy encompasses more than its best-known representatives wind power, hydropower and photovoltaics. One energy source that is still underestimated is wastewater, which has enormous potential when it comes to heat recovery. Using innovative heat exchangers and heat pump systems, the energy recovered is used for renewable heating and cooling of buildings," explains award winner Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. "We have been working intensively on this topic for several years and offer complete solutions for generating energy from wastewater for renewable heating and cooling of buildings. We are a pioneer in Austria and our customers receive everything from a single source, from the potential analysis to the implementation of the plant project."

However, it is not only customers who are supported by the Rabmer Group in meeting their climate targets, because as a Climate Alliance company and holder of the Austrian Federal Ecolabel, great importance is also attached to sustainability within the company itself and important measures are taken: for example, waste wood from construction and carpentry is used for heating, electricity is generated with a 30 kW PV system and e-mobility is gradually being introduced; in addition, highly efficient LED lamps have been installed throughout the building. In the construction sector, the company works almost exclusively with regional suppliers and uses environmentally friendly materials. In addition, great importance is attached to efficient construction site management in terms of optimizing transport routes.

Federal Minister Margarete Schramböck and State Secretary Magnus Brunner presented Rabmer Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller with the HERMES.Klimaschutz.Preis 2021 in the Vienna Hofburg. (Photo: leadersnet.at/C. Mikes)