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Rabmer presents innovative technologies for sustainable hotels at the Spanish Hotel Congress

In November, the Rabmer Group took part in the prestigious Spanish Hotel Congress, Congreso de Hoteleros, organized by CEHAT and FEHM in Palma. This congress is considered a key event for decision-makers in the hotel and tourism industry in the Balearic Islands to discuss current trends and innovative solutions.

The Rabmer Group's central theme at the congress was the presentation of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies designed to make the hotel industry more sustainable. At a time when environmental awareness and sustainable measures are becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry, the Rabmer Group is focusing on pioneering solutions that offer not only ecological but also economic benefits.

One of the innovations presented was the Ecowaterjet by Rabmer water and energy-saving system for showers. "Our Ecowatjet is already being used successfully in many hotels on the island. The technology, which can be retrofitted at any time, saves up to 50% hot water and the energy required to produce hot water while providing guests with full comfort," says Rabmer Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. The Rabmer trade fair team also presented visitors with the environmentally friendly limescale and corrosion protection Aquabion, the biological grease inhibitor BKR and many other climate-friendly technologies.

Taking part in the Congreso de Hoteleros not only enabled the Rabmer Group to present its innovative technologies to a wide audience, but also to gain valuable insights into the needs and challenges of the hotel industry. "Through the intensive exchange with industry experts, hoteliers and decision-makers, we were able to establish valuable partnerships and underline our commitment to a more sustainable future in the hotel industry."


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