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Fun, games and action! Rabmer Group opens the company to children

25 children from the surrounding area were able to experience first-hand what is done in a construction company.

Getting young people and children interested in technical trades as soon as possible is a key concern of the Altenberg-based construction and environmental technology company Rabmer. In addition to the annual Girl's Day, the company's own Mum & Dad Day and the taster days for interested apprentices, the company has also decided to take part in the Altenberg Holiday Game for the first time this year. "In order to give the children a playful insight into our everyday working life, we set up various stations and the boys and girls were able to spend an entire morning in small groups digging, laying bricks, hammering, inspecting sewers with a TV camera, driving cranes and taking a close look at loaders, forklifts and trucks," explains Managing Director Ulrike Rabmer-Koller. The children were able to find out in detail what it's like to work in a construction company and - according to the company boss with a wink - discovered a few talents for the future. "Some of the children didn't want to leave and start working for us straight away," laughs Rabmer-Koller. The varied program was followed by lunch and a cool ice cream before the six to twelve-year-old children were picked up again by their parents.

"The children were fully committed and it was a great experience for all of us. It was impressive to see how talented and interested the children were in their work. I am delighted that we were able to awaken enthusiasm for technical trades with this campaign. We will certainly be taking part again next year," concluded Rabmer-Koller.