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Success story: Water pipe renovation with Primus Line

In November, we carried out the renovation of a DN 300 mm water pipe with a length of 184 meters. The cast iron pipeline was already showing signs of pitting and several pipe bursts.

The location of the water pipe was quite challenging. Part of the route was on a narrow road that had to be completely closed during the renovation. The second part was cross-country with a shaft in the middle of the terrain. The biggest challenge, however, was a garage built over the pipeline.

A trenchless method for pressure pipes was therefore required for the rehabilitation of the pipeline, with which the entire section could be carried out quickly, with little excavation work and without large equipment. The client therefore opted for rehabilitation using this method. The basis for this is a flexible pressure hose and the connection technology specially developed for the system. Primus Line is self-supporting and lies freely in the annular space of the old pipe and is not bonded to it.

Thanks to its multi-layer structure and very thin wall thickness, the inliner offers a high degree of flexibility and extremely high material strength. The inner layer is adapted to the specific media of the pipe - water, gas or oil - and the outer layer of wear-resistant PE protects against abrasion. The middle layer of seamless aramid fabric has a static load-bearing function and is designed to withstand both the respective operating pressure and the forces acting during installation.

The flexible design enables bends of up to 45° to be negotiated. Individual construction sections of up to 2500 m are possible. These properties of the system are particularly impressive when rehabilitating pipes in areas that are difficult to access - due to buildings and infrastructure in inner-city areas or in natural and landscaped areas that are worthy of protection - thanks to the long rehabilitation sections and therefore minimal interference with the surroundings and impairment of the infrastructure.

We were able to complete the refurbishment within a very short time and to the client's complete satisfaction.

Primusline move-in
Primusline move-in