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Ecoturbino test kit for hotels: Save energy costs by using less hot water

With the free ECOTURBINO® test kit, you can measure the current hot water consumption in your showers and taps and you can quickly and easily check how you can reduce this by up to 50% with the ECOTURBINO® water and energy-saving inserts for the shower and our 5l/min aerators for washbasins. can be reduced without loss of comfort for your guests.

Reduce water and energy consumption

The current energy price hikes are causing us all massive concern. Now, when there is no heating, it is above all the hot water that requires a lot of energy and causes the ongoing operating costs to rise steeply. The greatest savings potential here is in the consumption in the showers and the hand washbasins – thanks to Ecoturbino®, this can be reduced by up to 50% without the shower comfort suffering as a result. Conventional energy-saving shower heads reach their limits with a flow rate of 9 l/min. Anything below that is at the expense of the water pressure and the showering pleasure for your guests. The patented Ecoturbino, on the other hand, manages to reduce the flow to 6 l/min without causing any complaints from the guests.

This is how the Ecoturbino® works

This is made possible by the ingenious use of the Venturi principle, which is also used by Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, for example. By narrowing the diameter in the form of a funnel, the water is on the one hand greatly reduced but also greatly accelerated. This creates a negative pressure that causes air to be sucked in via a bypass and mixed with the water. The volume of the strongly accelerated and swirled, air-enriched water is thereby increased and the water pressure remains high.

Quickly determine your savings potential with the Ecoturbino® test kit

Order your free Ecoturbino® test kit from us at greentech@rabmer.at, consisting of a measuring bag to determine the flow rate, 2 Ecoturbino economy fittings (type WR9 with 50% savings and WR10 with 40%) and a flow limiter for washbasin fittings with 5 l/ at least Measure the savings and enter the results in our online savings calculator. In this way you can quickly and easily see how much money, energy and water you can save. Incidentally, the acquisition costs for the economy fittings pay off in just a few months – here is an example: a 100-room business hotel saves around €16,000 a year by using the Ecoturbino for the shower and the aerators for the washbasins, with investment costs of just €4,450. That pays off really look.

Simply send an email to greentech@rabmer.at with the keyword “Ecoturbino Testkit” and please state your delivery address and contact – within a few working days you will receive the test kit free of charge.