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Tourism school relies on AQUABION

Dirty water in the schools dormitory in Bad Gleichenberg is successfully fought by the newly installed AQUABION.

Problem definition

In older buildings there are usually galvanized pipes instead of the modern plastic pipes, but this can lead to major problems. The massive internal corrosion in the old pipes of the dormitory of the Tourism School in Bad Gleichenberg had already led to leakage of discoloured water.

Technical data

In order to be able to preserve the already installed ion exchanger, the AQUABION was installed in the cold and warm water circulation pipe to reduce the corrosion problem.

Convincing result

The AQUABION lime and corrosion protection was able to fully convince Mr. Pollhammer, technical manager of the company: “We have been quite sceptical whether we could really get the massive corrosion problem under control with the AQUABION. The guarantee promise and finally the great result after already 3 months absolutely convinced us. Even after the summer break, we do no longer have any corrosion problems in our house”. Due to this reason, the dismantling of the ion exchanger and the change to an exclusive use of AQUABION is planned for this year.

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