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Tourism school relies on AQUABION lime and corrosion protection

The newly installed AQUABION successfully combats rusty water in the school dormitory in Bad Gleichenberg.

Problem definition

Older buildings usually have galvanized pipes instead of modern plastic pipes, but this can lead to major problems. The massive internal corrosion in the old pipes of the dormitory of the Bad Gleichenberg tourism school was so severe that it led to the leakage of discolored water.

In addition, the original plan was to leave the existing ion exchanger installed, which is why a phosphate dosing system was ruled out as a supplementary solution to the rust problem for reasons of cost and hygiene.

Technical data

To be able to maintain the ion exchanger, the AQUABION® was installed in the cold and hot water circulation pipe to combat the rust problem. This was to eliminate the existing problem and avoid a major investment.

Convincing result

The AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection was able to convince Mr. Pollhammer, the technical manager of the building, in a very short time: "We were sceptical as to whether we could really get the massive rust problem under control with AQUABION. But the guarantee promise and ultimately the great result after just 3 months completely convinced us. Even after the summer break, we no longer have any corrosion problems in the house. For this reason, we plan to dismantle the ion exchanger and use AQUABION® alone this year.

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