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Dreamlike living without limescale and rust

The current issue of "Althaus Modernisieren 10/11 2017" contains a comprehensive report on our AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection.

Under the title "Dreamlike living without lime and rust", a project by our German partner is presented in detail on 8 pages as part of the "Refurbishment" report.

The central challenge in the renovation of the Art Nouveau building presented was the building services. Water only flowed very sparingly from the pipes.

By installing the "Aquabion" in the piping system, corroded pipes and calcified fittings are a thing of the past. Now taps, shower heads and the high-quality surfaces are also easier to clean.

We are delighted with this great reference!

You can find out more about how our AQUABION limescale and corrosion protection system works at www.aquabion.at