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Drought and high water consumption due to Corona virus: Austrian water-saving technology brings relief

The ECOTURBINO from the construction & greentech specialist Rabmer is a revolutionary water-saving technology that can be installed within a few minutes and reduces water consumption by around 40%.

(Linz, 23.04.2020) The current drought is once again causing enormous water shortages in some regions this year. Hundreds of thousands of Austrians working in their home offices, restrictions on going out and frequent and prolonged hand washing under running water – COVID-19 and the measures taken to combat the spread of the virus are also causing water consumption in Austria to skyrocket. Careful use of the resource water is therefore the order of the day. Showering alone consumes up to 80 litres per person per day. For a family of four, this amounts to over 2,000 litres of water consumption per week just for showering – so there is great potential for savings here. The use of conventional economy shower heads or flow limiters has a significant disadvantage: by reducing the water volume, the shower jet intensity and thus the shower comfort is also significantly reduced, which is why they are often not used or the shower duration is significantly prolonged.

A revolutionary development provides a remedy – the ECOTURBINO from the Rabmer Group in Altenberg, Upper Austria. With the water-saving innovation ECOTURBINO, the environmental technology specialist Rabmer offers a completely new technology. “The ECOTURBINO is a small turbine that can be easily and quickly installed in any shower fitting and uses a patented technology to generate a highly turbulent water-air mixture. This can save around 40% percent water and energy without reducing the shower spray intensity. With our ECOTURBINO, everyone can save water, energy and costs very easily and with full showering comfort,” explains Mag. Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Partner of the Rabmer Group.

In addition to the great financial savings potential – with the ECOTURBINO, a family of 4 can save about 240 euros per year in operating costs – this innovative water-saving system makes a significant contribution to environmental protection: If only 20% of the nearly 3.9 million Austrian private households were equipped with the ECOTURBINO, an incredible 9.7 billion litres of drinking water, 124,700 tonnes of CO2 and 385.5 million kWh of energy could be saved annually! 

Since shower water is primarily hot water, the ECOTURBINO not only reduces enormous amounts of water, but also saves energy and subsequently CO2 through reduced hot water consumption. The ECOTURBINO has therefore also been certified by TÜV Austria as a suitable energy efficiency measure within the meaning of the Energy Efficiency Act and has been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel and the Energy Globe Award Upper Austria in the water category.

You can find more information about the ECOTURBINO at www.ecoturbino.com. The innovative technology can also be obtained online at www.rabmer.at/shop.

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