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Vöslauer relies on AQUABION® lime and corrosion protection

Another large industrial company solves the demand for an inexpensive but effective lime and corrosion protection plant with the AQUABION®.

The former problem

In the production building of Vöslauer is a water ring pipe with a diameter of DN 20 to DN 100 over 1 km in longitude, through which up to 60 m3 of water is flowing every hour. The great water hardness of 18 °dH and many years of use led to corresponding lime deposits and internal corrosion. The consequence was increased flushing of those deposits, as well as the appearance of first leaks due to pitting. The use of conventional decalcification systems and corrosion protection systems was not considered due to the high costs and the also high maintenance effort.

Technical data

In February 2018 the decision was made to install the AQUABION®. The installation of the AB-100 was carried out quick and easy by the local installation partner. A test phase should show how quickly the situation would improve.

Convincing result

In the end, the result astounded everyone involved; within 2 months the internal corrosion was significantly reduced and the leaking water in the sanitary facilities has become clearer. In addition, the technical installations did not have to be cleaned that often anymore, it was sufficient to carry out the cleaning process as part of the annual maintenance work.

Vöslauer managing director Herbert Schlossnikl is correspondingly satisfied: “For us the smooth operation of the facilities and best quality is absolutely important, unplanned breakdowns must be avoided. The AQUABION®  absolutely convinced us with its efficient outcome, low costs and maintenance-free operation.”

Further information on the AQUABION® Lime and Corrosion Protection.

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