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Webinar "Wastewater as an energy source"

The potential of wastewater as an energy source for generating heat and cold is enormous, but still unknown to many. In the future, wastewater treatment plants in particular will play an important role in this context as a hub in supra-regional energy exchange. This webinar will provide exciting insights into the intelligent linking of wastewater, electricity, natural gas and district heating networks and present innovative solutions based on showcase projects. Dr. Rainer Wiedemann, an expert in innovative waste heat utilization at Rabmer, will be there to provide impetus.


Details of the webinar:

Date: 30.09.2021, Thursday at 11:00 am

Organizer: AEE INTEC

Providing impetus: Dr. Rainer Wiedemann (Rabmer Group), DI Wolfgang Gruber-Glatzl (AEE INTEC), Ing. Wolfgang Wiesauer (PUREA)

Moderation: DI Jürgen Fluch (AEE INTEC)

Further details & registration at: https://www.aee-intec-events.at/programm.html


We look forward to your participation in the webinar!