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World Water Day: Save 40,000 liters of water a year in households with innovative technology from Austria

The motto of this year's World Water Day is "The value of water" and on March 22, it calls for careful use of one of the planet's most precious natural resources. In everyday life, water consumption can be reduced most effectively if the corresponding saving measures are not associated with inconvenience or restrictions. Technical innovations such as the ECOTURBINO make this possible. The mini turbine developed by the Rabmer Group saves around 40 percent water with every shower - and therefore up to 40,000 liters of water per household per year.

Altenberg, March 17, 2021: Saving water at home not only helps to protect the environment, but also reduces operating costs. It is particularly worth saving water in the bathroom - after all, this is where around two thirds of all water consumption in the household takes place[1].

One minute in the shower "swallows" 12 to 15 liters of water[2], so after six minutes, around 80 liters end up down the drain. Although this consumption can be drastically reduced by technical means - for example by using energy-saving shower heads - it often results in a noticeable loss of comfort. The Rabmer Group from Upper Austria solved this problem with the development of the ECOTURBINO. Easy to install, the mini turbine saves around 40 percent water and energy with every shower without the shower user noticing.

A household with four people reduces its operating costs by an average of 250 euros per year with the ECOTURBINO from Rabmer and saves 40,000 liters of water and half a ton ofCO2 every year. If just one in five of the 3.9 million private households in Austria were equipped with an ECOTURBINO, this would save 9.7 billion liters of drinking water, 124,700 tons ofCO2 and ultimately 385.5 million kWh of energy every year[3].

How the ECOTURBINO works

The device is installed directly in the shower as a connector between the tap and shower hose. Normally, no tools are required for installation and no more than two minutes are needed. The mini turbine is fully effective the very next time you shower.

A strong cross-sectional constriction in the ECOTURBINO allows only part of the water to pass into the shower hose. The resulting negative pressure draws in air, which creates a swirling mixture of water and air in the appliance. This hits the shower head at high speed and ensures a high water jet intensity despite low water consumption.

The ECOTURBINO therefore saves water while maintaining the same level of showering comfort. As an added bonus, it also offers added hygienic value: thanks to the strong turbulence of the water with the addition of air, the shower hose and shower head remain free of deposits and biofilm. This in turn reduces the risk of germ formation and legionella.

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