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We support the Ronald McDonald Children's Charity

True to our motto "Building a better world", this year we are supporting the Ronald McDonald Foundation to enable seriously ill children to be close to their families.

It is not always possible to treat seriously ill children close to home. The treatment of acutely or chronically seriously ill children mainly takes place in special clinics - so-called competence centers. In addition to the critical phase of the serious illness, this also presents families with the difficult situation of having to give up their everyday lives. The distance is not only a great burden for the young patients, but also poses great organizational and financial challenges for the parents.

In order to get well, seriously ill children need one thing above all: the closeness of their family. Ronald McDonald Children's Aid has been fulfilling this heartfelt wish of young patients for over 30 years. Every year, it offers around 1,100 affected families a "temporary home" in the immediate vicinity of specialist and children's clinics in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg and Innsbruck for the duration of their children's treatment.

Every year at Christmas, we support a regional charitable project under the motto "Building a better world". This year, we have equipped the Ronald McDonald children's homes with the ECOTURBINO water and energy-saving system, thereby reducing operating costs by € 7,000 andsaving 14 tons ofCO2 per year!

Around a third of total water consumption is used for showers and personal hygiene alone - so saving water pays off here. However, conventional economy shower heads have one major disadvantage: less water also means less showering comfort. With the patented ECOTURBINO technology, we have the solution - a small turbine that can be installed quickly and easily by anyone generates a highly turbulent water-air mixture that saves around 36 percent water and energy and therefore also costs - without reducing the intensity of the shower jet.

We are delighted that our donation will enable the children's homes to reduce their operating costs by € 35,000 over the next five years and therefore have more money available for other important investments. At the same time, this measure will also reduceCO2 emissions by 70 tons over the same period, making a significant contribution to climate protection.