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Wirtschaftsbund regulars' table on sustainability

Last week, business people from Altenberg met with us to discuss the topics of sustainability, climate and environmental protection and how we can act as a role model for our employees in this regard.

At regular intervals, the Wirtschaftsbund Altenberg organizes a small network meeting in a cosy atmosphere. On February 27, it was our turn and we were delighted to host this regulars' table on the topic of sustainability.

In the course of this, we presented our activities and measures for climate protection. These range from regional purchasing and the use of climate-friendly materials in the construction sector to a photovoltaic system, e-mobility, thermal refurbishment of the office and workshop building, gradual conversion to LED lighting, conversion of the gas heating system to a modern wood chip heating system with which we recycle our construction wood waste, installation of underfloor heating instead of fan heating in the workshop, fuel-saving courses for employees and our innovative environmental technology products, the sale of which also makes a significant contribution to climate protection internationally.

Mr. Spiekermann then presented the Climate Alliance and its offer for companies. In the course of the subsequent discussion, we realized once again that business is an important player in environmental protection and achieving climate protection goals and that there is a win-win situation between business and the environment. Every company can make a contribution and save costs in the process. It is also very important that entrepreneurs set an example for their employees.