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BKR Grease remover
For grease separators and waste water systems

BKR - the grease protection agent for grease separators and wastewater systems based on natural active ingredients

The maintenance and cleaning of grease separators in the catering and hotel industry causes high costs and in most cases requires the use of chemicals. In addition, problems often arise with the sewer operator if the limit values for grease and oil (lipophilic substances) and the pH value cannot be adhered to. In addition, unpleasant odors arise for employees and, in extreme cases, for guests. The innovative BKR grease solvent from Rabmer is based on tested, natural substances that break down fats and oils and remove them via the waste water.

The advantages of grease trap cleaning on a natural basis:

  • Reduction in cleaning and maintenance costs
  • Compliance with limit values in wastewater (e.g. pH value, lipophilic substances)
  • Elimination of odor nuisance
  • Extended service life of grease separator housings and pipe systems due to reduced corrosion
  • No water hazard
  • Consists of natural active ingredients such as bacteria, vitamins, trace elements and zeolite



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