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100% heat and cold recovery for industrial ventilation systems

Environmental technology specialist Rabmer supports E+E Elektronik in saving 377 tons ofCO2 per year

With the implementation of an innovative heat and cold recovery system in the ventilation system of sensor manufacturer E+E Elektronik GmbH, Rabmer GreenTech GmbH, part of the Upper Austria-based Rabmer Group, has successfully completed another project in the environmental technology sector. The innovative upgrade of the ventilation system in Engerwitzdorf (Upper Austria) has resulted in a 40% energy saving. This corresponds to the annual consumption of 500 households. The project serves as a model for other companies that want to save operating costs and at the same time make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Altenberg near Linz, 3.12.2020 "There is enormous energy potential in the field of heat and cold recovery in air conditioning and ventilation systems. Based on the innovative APESS technology, we help companies to combine economic and ecological interests in a sensible way," explains Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, Managing Director of the Rabmer Group. Due to the attractive, rapid amortization time, there are also more and more inquiries.

Heat and cold are precious commodities
The project at E+E Elektronik demonstrates very well how the innovative technology can also be applied to existing systems. At the heart of the project is the APESS system, which enables 100 percent heat and cold recovery from the exhaust air. Rabmer supported E+E Elektronik from the rough concept to the feasibility study and project implementation. Despite the challenge posed by the first COVID lockdown, the project was accepted by the client within the specified time frame on July 15, 2020. "The declared goal was to reduce the energy consumption of the ventilation system by 30 percent. As a partner for innovative solutions for climate protection, we are very proud that we were even able to exceed this figure by achieving 40 percent," emphasizes Rabmer-Koller.

The energy savings of 1.5 million KWh achieved by E+E are equivalent to the energy consumption of 500 Austrian households. This not only reduces operating costs, but also helps the environment by saving more than 300 tons ofCO2 per year. E+E Elektronik is also impressed by these impressive figures: "We have been working on optimizing the ventilation system in our cleanroom production for some time now. No other supplier could guarantee us such savings. We are very satisfied and delighted with the significant cost savings, the enormous improvement in energy efficiency and the resultingreduction in CO2 emissions," says Wolfgang Timelthaler, Managing Director of E+E Elektronik.

Relevant for different sectors
The areas of application for this technology, which makes a significant contribution to achieving climate targets, are diverse. Applications range from the recovery of cold and heat in office buildings and production halls to hospitals and healthcare facilities, shopping centers, hotels and event halls.

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