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Vertiliner shaft renewal - practical demonstration

The numerous visitors to the 4th Upper Austrian Environment Days at the Ried Exhibition Center at our demonstration of the Vertiliner manhole rehabilitation process.

On September 25 and 26, the Upper Austrian Environment Days hosted a symposium for the fourth time. This time, the event took place at the Ried Exhibition Center and Rabmer was once again present as an exhibitor. We presented our environmental technologies with a special focus on pipe and manhole rehabilitation.

The highlight was our live demonstration of the Vertiliner® manhole renewal system directly in front of the exhibition hall. We renewed a DN 1000 mm manhole with a depth of 2.65 m within just a few hours. The public were able to see the performance and quality of the system for themselves.

The Vertiliner® is a liner system for the static load-bearing lining of manholes, in which a seamless, glass fiber-reinforced and resin-impregnated tube is inserted and then cured with UV light. The special feature of the Vertiliner® is that it can be installed up to the top of the road in a single work step. The cross-sectional changes in the manhole are incorporated during production, which means that no digging or lifting of the cone is required.

The system is used for standard manholes, angular manholes and manholes that change their cross-sectional shape up to a diameter of DN 1500 mm and guarantees long-lasting rehabilitation success. The service life of the liner is guaranteed for decades.

The Vertiliner® can be produced in different wall thicknesses and with a high resistance to chemicals and temperature, making it ideal for industrial applications. Blind manholes can also be renovated with the Vertiliner®, which is produced to exact specifications in the factory. The entire installation process through to the finished, ready-to-use manhole takes just a few hours.

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