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Kommunalmesse 23: Rabmer presents modern environmental technology

This year, the municipal trade fair took us to Innsbruck. As an exhibitor, we were able to present our entire service portfolio, including pipe and manhole rehabilitation, as well as our pro...

Inspiring women for technology: Minister Susanne Raab in conversation with Rabmer

More women in technical professions - this is not only the goal of Rabmer Grupe, but also that of Susanne Raab, Minister for Women and Integration. We are pleased de...

We create 15,000m² of colorful habitat for bees

At Rabmer, we are actively committed to preserving local biodiversity. For this reason, there is also a buzzing around our company building: a colorful flower garden has been created on 15,000m².

State Councillor for the Environment Kaineder visits Rabmer

Against the backdrop of the current challenges of the climate and energy crisis, Stefan Kaineder, Provincial Councillor for the Environment and Climate, visited the Rabmer Group in Altenberg near Linz. The tr...

World Water Day: Mindful use and innovative technologies protect this valuable resource

Every year, March 22 is dedicated to water. This day is intended to raise awareness of the need to treat this valuable resource with care, because: If water scarcity...

At Werzers, a mini turbine saves energy when showering

High energy prices are with us again this year. These are particularly affecting local hoteliers, so solutions are urgently needed. The 4-star superior hotel...

Follow-up report: Rabmer at the ÖHV Congress 2023 in Salzburg

This year's ÖHV Congress not only celebrated 70 years of the ÖHV over three days with around 700 guests, but also provided impetus for change under the motto "Shaping change".

Julius Raab Medal for Ulrike Rabmer-Koller

The Julius Raab Medal of Honor is the highest award of the Austrian Business Federation and is awarded for special commitment to business and society. They...

Ecoturbino saves water & energy in hotels around the world

For three decades, the Rabmer Group has been working on saving water as a resource - and offers practical solutions for hotels, companies, associations and private individuals.